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Welcome to Revival Wallpaper and Furnishings online.
RW&F is all about the regeneration of patterns and textures.
We carefully select and import designs that have been inspired from past decades and re-styled for the modern-day interior.
We are excited to bring to you our vast range of Wall papers, Wall Murals, Cushion Covers, Throw Pillows, Fabric Storage Buckets, Throws, Blankets and Lampshades available for purchase online.
Our Vision
Transform your space!
It is our vision to be your one stop shop when it comes to styling your cherished space.  We believe your space should inspire creativity and promote energy as well as reflect a little piece of you! Our eclectic passion encourages the experimenting of patterns upon patterns and the splashing of a color upon stark modern lines.
Our Designs
Our Wallpaper designs extend from traditional damask wallpaper to on-trend abstract wallpaper murals.  We also have many budget wall paper rolls.  Give the illusion of texture, space or effect of timber boards simply by hanging removable wallpaper.
Browse our cushions and see the designer fabrics of beach chic cushion cover designs contrasting with the colour pop geometric fabric of Curio & Curio throw pillows, but then again you might just prefer the classic range of our very own RW&F cushions.
Beautifully made, soft and functional blankets and throws to add comfort to your home.
Our custom made lampshades can be covered in almost anything!  Wallpaper lampshades or fabric lampshades are available for upright lamps or pendant lamps.  Check out our pre-made lamp shade designs online and coordinate with matching cushion covers or wallpapers.

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